Japan: LGC renews NSPO partnership, joins PAC Symposium

 Informed Sport - NSPO & PAC Symposium

LGC recently took two important steps to provide further support for the Japanese sports nutrition industry and to provide further guidance for Japanese athletes and sport.

It renewed its partnership with the Nippon Sports Promotion Organisation (NSPO) and then delivered a presentation on Informed Sport and Informed Choice to the 1St International Symposium of Productive Ageing Consortium (PAC) in Japan.

Informed Sport joins forces with sports nutrition awards ceremony, ESSNawards

Informed Sport has been announced as an official sponsor of the European Specialist Sports Nutrition Awards 2020. Now in its second year, the ESSNawards attracts sports nutrition brands, companies and individuals from across Europe to celebrate the sector’s expansion and prosperity.

Interview with British Swimming's Performance Nutritionist Richard Chessor

COVID-19 has halted the sporting world. Games aren’t being played, training sessions aren’t happening and the staff that assists elite athletes are trying to find some sense of normalcy. In a time when athletes should be preparing their shot at Olympic gold, the athletes and staff have been left wondering what the new “normal” will be.  The Games have been postponed and most still can’t begin normal training.

COVID-19 and Sports: An Interview with Jamie Meeks

COVID-19 has affected the entire world and every industry, including the world of sports. Games aren’t being played, athletes aren’t undergoing normal training sessions and the team of people who support athletes are trying to find some sense of normalcy. This team includes the professionals who educate athletes on proper diet and nutrition: sports dietitians.

Informed Sport & Informed Choice: What is the difference?

Having a reputable third-party banned substance testing and certification program is the only way to be sure the supplements you’re taking, or recommending, are safer for use. LGC Science has two such programs: Informed Sport and Informed Choice, which are global quality assurance programs that test for banned substances within sport supplement products.

UFC Recognizes Informed Sport as an Accredited Certification Agency

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) recently revised their Anti-Doping Policy to recognize multiple banned substance testing and certification programs, including Informed Sport. This change was made to help protect UFC athletes from doping charges due to inadvertent contamination. Athletes will be directed to only take supplements certified by one of the accredited agencies.

Why is Banned Substance Testing Important?

We regularly read news stories of an athlete getting suspended due to testing positive for a banned substance. Numerous times, the athlete had taken supplements that were inadvertently contaminated. If an athlete tests positive for a banned substance due to inadvertent doping, it not only costs them playing time, but also millions of dollars, endorsements and the public’s perception of them is tarnished. Based on our surveys and testing, 10-15% of supplements on the market may suffer from low levels of contamination.

LGC Supplements Forum

LGC recently organized a Supplements Forum for key stakeholders and customers at the London Rowing Club. During the forum, we were able to provide details regarding the Informed Sport and Informed Choice brand updates, future white papers and more! Events such as this perfectly align with our mission of educating industry professionals on the importance supplement testing and having a reputable third-party testing and certification program.