Nutrition X


Nutrition X is a leading sports nutrition brand, offering a range of products and supplements scientifically formulated by a team of world-renowned sports nutritionists to support athletic performance across a range of disciplines.

Renowned for our quality, each of our products are batch tested and submitted to Informed-Sport for certification, ensuring that every product adheres to substances listed on the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) banned substance list.

As a result, we have fast become the number one choice of sports nutrition for a number of elite athletes and professional sports teams around the world.


At Nutrition X, we’re not only dedicated to providing an exceptional product range, but to supporting athletic performance through education. Drawing on our vast level of knowledge and expertise, our expert team can work with you to complement and develop your sports nutrition strategy, from delivering celebrated food-first approach diet plans, to educational talks and presentations.

Customer service is also at the forefront of everything we do and we’re committed to providing an exemplary level of service at all times.


We understand how important it is for athletes to be sure that any supplement they take is safe to do so. That’s why we’re proud to be fully Informed-Sport accredited, meaning that each and every one of our products has been rigorously tested and certified under the prestigious Informed-Sport programme.

When using a Nutrition X product, you can be safe in the knowledge that it has been tested for, and is free from, a wide range of substances listed on the World Anti-Doping Agency banned substance list.

We also make each of our batch test certificates readily available for extra reassurance.