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Risks of Supplements: Why Armed Personnel Should Only Choose Informed Sport Products?

Finding a supplement that consumers can TRUST is all about risk management. Research has proven that it is safer to take a supplement that has been through the Informed Sport programme, which ensures that the product has been routinely tested for banned substances and that it has been made to the highest quality standards, than to choose a product that has had no banned substance testing performed at all. Since personnel are responsible for what they consume, getting this risk management process right, and finding a product that is not contaminated with banned substances, is crucial.



Supplements Stacking

‘Supplement Stacking’ is defined as the process by which different supplements are grouped together in a bid to gain a maximum benefit for the consumer. There are differing opinions as to whether this activity benefits the consumer, with some nutritionists warning that too much of anything can have adverse affects.

As long as the supplements being consumed are on the Informed Sport banned-substance testing programme, there is NO evidence to date, to suggest that stacking increases a consumer’s chances of failing a Compulsory Drugs Test (CDT).

The message is simple: whether taking a supplement on its own, or ‘stacking’ different supplements, make sure that ALL the products are certified on Informed Sport and that the batch being consumed has been tested.