GO Electrolyte Powder

Testing Information: 

Before 22-Dec-16, Science in Sport tested products on a combined raw materials, site and blind testing protocol. Science in Sport products tested after this date are on the standard finished product protocol. Test dates of 22-Dec-16 and earlier are the product manufacture date, all dates after are the product test date.


Before 22-Dec-16, Science in Sport tested products on a combined raw materials, site and blind testing protocol. Science in Sport products tested after this date are on the standard finished product protocol. Test dates of 22-Dec-16 and earlier are the product manufacture date, all dates after are the product test date.

Manufacturer : Science in Sport


Supplement Type:Electrolyte(s)


Batch Test

Batch Id Flavour Batch Expiration Test Date
ID F6321 Tropical 30-Nov-18 13-Jan-17
ID F6328 Lemon & Lime 30-Nov-18 23-Dec-16
ID F7004/F7005 Lemon & Lime 31-Jan-19 6-Jan-17
ID F7005 Blackcurrant 31-Jan-19 6-Jan-17
ID F7006 Lemon & Lime 31-Jan-19 9-Jan-17
ID F7016 Blackcurrant 31-Jan-19 17-Jan-17
ID F7016 Tropical 31-Jan-19 19-Jan-17
ID F7016/F7017 Lemon & Lime 31-Jan-19 19-Jan-17
ID F7033 Orange 28-Feb-19 6-Feb-17
ID F7044/F7045 Lemon & Lime 28-Feb-19 15-Feb-17
ID F7045 Tropical 28-Feb-19 15-Feb-17
ID F7045 Blackcurrant 28-Feb-19 16-Feb-17
ID F7045 Raspberry 28-Feb-19 16-Feb-17
ID F7051/F7052 Lemon & Lime 28-Feb-19 22-Feb-17
ID F7065 Raspberry 31-Mar-19 8-Mar-17
ID F7065/F7066 Blackcurrant 31-Mar-19 8-Mar-17
ID F7066 Tropical 31-Mar-19 8-Mar-17
ID F7067/F7068 Lemon & Lime 31-Mar-19 14-Mar-17
ID F7069 Lemon & Lime 31-Mar-19 13-Mar-17
ID F7081 Orange 31-Mar-19 23-Mar-17
ID F7081 Tropical 31-Mar-19 24-Mar-17
ID F7081/F7082 Lemon & Lime 31-Mar-19 24-Mar-17
ID F7083/F7086 Lemon & Lime 31-Mar-19 29-Mar-17
ID F7093/F7096 Lemon & Lime 30-Apr-19 10-Apr-17
ID F7094/F7095 Tropical 30-Apr-19 6-Apr-17
ID F7096 Blackcurrant 30-Apr-19 10-Apr-17
ID F7096/F7097 Tropical 30-Apr-19 10-Apr-17
ID F7100 Blackcurrant 30-Apr-19 12-Apr-17
ID F7100/F7101 Tropical 30-Apr-19 12-Apr-17
ID F7101 Lemon & Lime 30-Apr-19 12-Apr-17
ID F7101 Orange 30-Apr-19 13-Apr-17
ID F7110 Orange 30-Apr-19 24-Apr-17
ID F7115 Lemon & Lime 30-Apr-19 27-Apr-17
ID F7123/F7124 Blackcurrant 31-May-19 5-May-17
ID F7124 Tropical 31-May-19 8-May-17
ID F7127/F7128 Lemon & Lime 31-May-19 9-May-17
ID F7128 Raspberry 31-May-19 10-May-17
ID F7130 Lemon & Lime 31-May-19 11-May-17
ID F7134/F7135 Raspberry 31-May-19 16-May-17
ID F7142/F7143/F7144 Lemon & Lime 31-May-19 25-May-17
ID F7143/F7144 Lemon & Lime 31-May-19 25-May-17
ID F7144 Tropical 31-May-19 30-May-17
ID F7144 Blackcurrant 31-May-19 30-May-17
ID F7144/F7145 Tropical 31-May-19 30-May-17
ID F7159/F7160 Lemon & Lime 30-Jun-19 12-Jun-17
ID F7160 Orange 30-Jun-19 12-Jun-17
ID F7166 Blackcurrant 30-Jun-19 19-Jun-17
ID F7166 Lemon & Lime 30-Jun-19 19-Jun-17
ID F7166 Orange 30-Jun-19 19-Jun-17
ID F7174 Tropical 30-Jun-19 27-Jun-17
ID F7184/F7185/F7186/F7187 Lemon & Lime 31-Jul-19 7-Jul-17
ID F7187 Tropical 31-Jul-19 7-Jul-17
ID F7187 Lemon & Lime 31-Jul-19 10-Jul-17
ID F7187/F7188 Blackcurrant 31-Jul-19 10-Jul-17
ID F7188 Tropical 31-Jul-19 10-Jul-17
ID F7188 Raspberry 31-Jul-19 10-Jul-17
ID F7193 Lemon & Lime 31-Jul-19 14-Jul-17
ID F7193 Orange 31-Jul-19 14-Jul-17
ID F7207/F7208 Orange 31-Jul-19 28-Jul-17
ID F7208 Blackcurrant 31-Jul-19 24-Aug-17
ID F7209 Tropical 31-Jul-19 31-Jul-17
ID F7209 Raspberry 31-Jul-19 31-Jul-17
ID F7213/F7214/F7215 Orange 31-Aug-19 4-Aug-17
ID F7215 Lemon & Lime 31-Aug-19 8-Aug-17
ID F7228/F7229/F7230 Lemon & Lime 31-Aug-19 21-Aug-17
ID F7236 Raspberry 31-Aug-19 25-Aug-17
ID F7241/F7242 Blackcurrant 31-Aug-19 31-Aug-17
ID F7242 Tropical 31-Aug-19 1-Sep-17
ID F7242/F7243 Lemon & Lime 31-Aug-19 1-Sep-17
ID F7247/F7248 Orange 30-Sep-19 6-Sep-17
ID F7250/F7251 Lemon & Lime 30-Sep-19 13-Sep-17
ID F7256 Orange 30-Sep-19 15-Sep-17
ID F7263/F7264 Lemon & Lime 30-Sep-19 22-Sep-17
ID F7264 Orange 30-Sep-19 22-Sep-17
ID F7264 Blackcurrant 30-Sep-19 25-Sep-17
ID F7277 Tropical 31-Oct-19 5-Oct-17
ID F7284/F7285 Lemon & Lime 31-Oct-19 13-Oct-17
ID F7291 Orange 31-Oct-19 19-Oct-17
ID F7291 Lemon & Lime 31-Oct-19 20-Oct-17
ID F7306 Lemon & Lime 30-Nov-19 3-Nov-17
ID F7317/F7318 Lemon & Lime 30-Nov-19 15-Nov-17
ID F7317/F7318 Tropical 30-Nov-19 16-Nov-17
ID F7318/F7319 Orange 30-Nov-19 17-Nov-17
ID F7319 Raspberry 30-Nov-19 17-Nov-17
ID F7331 Tropical 30-Nov-19 28-Nov-17
ID F7333/F7334 Lemon & Lime 30-Nov-19 1-Dec-17
ID F7341 Blackcurrant 31-Dec-19 8-Dec-17
ID F7341 Lemon & Lime 31-Dec-19 11-Dec-17
ID F7345 Raspberry 31-Dec-19 13-Dec-17
ID F7345/F7346 Tropical 31-Dec-19 13-Dec-17
ID F7350 Raspberry 31-Dec-19 19-Dec-17
ID F7350/F7351/F7352 Lemon & Lime 31-Dec-19 19-Dec-17
ID F8008 Tropical 31-Jan-20 10-Jan-18
ID F8008/F8009 Blackcurrant 31-Jan-20 10-Jan-18
ID F8009 Orange 31-Jan-20 10-Jan-18
ID F8009 Lemon & Lime 31-Jan-20 11-Jan-18
ID F8009 Raspberry 31-Jan-20 11-Jan-18
ID F8028/F8030/F8032 Blackcurrant 31-Jan-20 5-Feb-18
ID F8033/F8034/F8036/F8037/F8038 Lemon & Lime 29-Feb-20 8-Feb-18
ID F8036 Orange 29-Feb-20 7-Feb-18
ID F8037 Raspberry 29-Feb-20 8-Feb-18
ID F8038 Tropical 29-Feb-20 9-Feb-18
ID F8039/F8044 Lemon & Lime 29-Feb-20 15-Feb-18
ID F8043/F8044 Blackcurrant 29-Feb-20 14-Feb-18
ID F8044/F8045 Tropical 29-Feb-20 14-Feb-18
ID F8046/F8050 Tropical 29-Feb-20 21-Feb-18
ID F8050 Lemon & Lime 29-Feb-20 21-Feb-18
ID F8057/F8058 Lemon & Lime 29-Feb-20 28-Feb-18
ID F8066/F8069 Blackcurrant 31-Mar-20 13-Mar-18
ID F8078/F8079 Lemon & Lime 31-Mar-20 21-Mar-18
ID F8079 Tropical 31-Mar-20 9-Aug-18
ID F8079/F8080/F8081 Orange 31-Mar-20 23-Mar-18
ID F8081 Raspberry 31-Mar-20 23-Mar-18
ID F8093/F8094/F8095 Lemon & Lime 30-Apr-20 6-Apr-18
ID F8095/F8113 Tropical 30-Apr-20 25-Apr-18
ID F8106/F8107 Blackcurrant 30-Apr-20 18-Apr-18
ID F8113 Orange 30-Apr-20 25-Apr-18
ID F8120 Orange 30-Apr-20 1-May-18
ID F8120/F8121 Lemon & Lime 30-Apr-20 2-May-18
ID F8121/F8122 Blackcurrant 31-May-20 3-May-18
ID F8121/F8122/F8123 Lemon & Lime 31-May-20 4-May-18
ID F8122 Tropical 31-May-20 3-May-18
ID F8123/F8130/F8133/F8134 Tropical 31-May-20 15-May-18
ID F8129 Lemon & Lime 31-May-20 11-May-18
ID F8134 Lemon & Lime 31-May-20 16-May-18
ID F8134 Orange 31-May-20 16-May-18
ID F8135 Blackcurrant 31-May-20 16-May-18
ID F8135 Raspberry 31-May-20 17-May-18
ID F8149 Lemon & Lime 31-May-20 31-May-18
ID F8149/F8150 Raspberry 31-May-20 31-May-18
ID F8155 Blackcurrant 30-Jun-20 5-Jun-18
ID F8155 Orange 30-Jun-20 5-Jun-18
ID F8158/F8159 Lemon & Lime 30-Jun-20 11-Jun-18
ID F8169/F8170 Orange 30-Jun-20 20-Jun-18
ID F8170/F8171 Lemon & Lime 30-Jun-20 21-Jun-18
ID F8176/F8177 Lemon & Lime 30-Jun-20 28-Jun-18
ID F8185 Lemon & Lime 31-Jul-20 9-Jul-18
ID F8189/F8190/F8191 Lemon & Lime 31-Jul-20 11-Jul-18
ID F8190 Orange 31-Jul-20 11-Jul-18
ID F8190/F8191 Blackcurrant 31-Jul-20 11-Jul-18
ID F8192 Raspberry 31-Jul-20 12-Jul-18
ID F8204 Tropical 31-Jul-20 24-Jul-18
ID F8204 Lemon & Lime 31-Jul-20 25-Jul-18
ID F8207 Tropical 31-Jul-20 27-Jul-18
ID F8211/F8214/F8215 Lemon & Lime 31-Aug-20 6-Aug-18
ID F8213/F8214 Raspberry 31-Aug-20 3-Aug-18
ID F8214 Blackcurrant 31-Aug-20 6-Aug-18
ID F8219/F8220 Orange 31-Aug-20 9-Aug-18
ID F8220 Tropical 31-Aug-20 9-Aug-18
ID F8220 Lemon & Lime 31-Aug-20 9-Aug-18
ID F8224/F8225 Raspberry 31-Aug-20 14-Aug-18
ID F8235 Blackcurrant 31-Aug-20 28-Aug-18
ID F8240 Orange 31-Aug-20 29-Aug-18
ID F8240 Lemon & Lime 31-Aug-20 30-Aug-18
ID F8242 Lemon & Lime 31-Aug-20 3-Sep-18
ID F8246 Lemon & Lime 30-Sep-20 5-Sep-18
ID F8246 Tropical 30-Sep-20 5-Sep-18
ID F8247 Raspberry 30-Sep-20 5-Sep-18
ID F8247 Blackcurrant 30-Sep-20 5-Sep-18