Products on the Informed-Sport program go through a rigorous registration process and every batch is tested prior to release for sale for a wide variety of banned substances.

Supplement Type Program
HMB Recovery Formula
Calcium Minerals
Protein Bar Protein(s) (Milk/Animal-Based)
KETO//OS Max Caffeine Free Energy/Carbohydrates
KETO//OS Max Charged Energy/Carbohydrates
Myoprime Creatine
Enzymatic Control Digestive Aid/Probiotic/Prebiotic
E-Nos Energy/Carbohydrates
Estro Control Antioxidant(s)
Colonik Defense Digestive Aid/Probiotic/Prebiotic
+proteinwater Protein(s) (Milk/Animal-Based)
Quercetin & Green Tea Antioxidant(s)
BCAA (EU) Amino Acid(s)
Assault (EU) Energy/Carbohydrates
Bam Organic Vanilla Protein Milk Protein(s) (Milk/Animal-Based)
Power of IMIDA Energy/Carbohydrates
Power of IMIDA (Powder) Energy/Carbohydrates
Kick-Start Protein Coffee Energy/Carbohydrates
40 Winks Protein Protein(s) (Milk/Animal-Based)
Performance Multivitamin Vitamin(s)
BCAA Shot Amino Acid(s)
STATE Energy Energy/Carbohydrates
Natural Oat Sport Bar Energy/Carbohydrates
Manpower Energy/Carbohydrates
Arginine 1000 Vitamin(s)
DAILY BASIC Whey Protein 100 Protein(s) (Milk/Animal-Based)
KatsuoStamina Tablet Amino Acid(s)
BCAAs (Europe) Amino Acid(s)
Glutamine Micronized (Europe) Amino Acid(s)
Stressless Minerals
Synermag Minerals
Hydra 6 Protein Protein(s) (Milk/Animal-Based)
NzW New Zealand Whey Protein(s) (Milk/Animal-Based)
Synerzinc Minerals
Nzl New Zealand Isolate 94% Protein(s) (Milk/Animal-Based)
IBCAA Amino Acid(s)
Pentacarb Recovery Formula
astavita SPORTS Antioxidant(s)
astavita e Antioxidant(s)
Combat Protein Powder (EU) Protein(s) (Milk/Animal-Based)
Combat 100% Whey (EU) Protein(s) (Milk/Animal-Based)
Combat 100% Isolate (EU) Protein(s) (Milk/Animal-Based)
ZMAG Athletic Recovery Formula
Zinc Chewables Minerals
Vitamin C Chewables Vitamin(s)
CLA Tonalin Plant Oil
ENERGY BAR Energy/Carbohydrates
Performance Energize (UK) Energy/Carbohydrates