Manufacturer : ATP LAB


Supplement Type:Recovery Formula


Batch Test

Batch Id Flavour Batch Expiration Test Date
ID A1711182 Cherry and Raspberry 31-Dec-2019 08-Dec-2017
ID A1802234 Cherry and Raspberry 29-Feb-2020 12-Jun-2018
ID A1804270 Unflavored 30-Apr-2020 26-Jun-2018
ID A1804271 Mango and Pineapple 30-Apr-2020 26-Jun-2018
ID A1804273 Cherry and Raspberry 30-Apr-2020 26-Jun-2018
ID A1806305 Cherry and Raspberry 30-Jun-2020 16-Jul-2018
ID A1806306 Unflavored 30-Jun-2020 05-Sep-2018
ID A1807318 Mango and Pineapple 31-Jul-2020 16-Jul-2018
ID A1810363 Unflavored 31-Oct-2020 11-Oct-2018
ID A1810364 Mango and Pineapple 31-Oct-2020 11-Oct-2018
ID A1810372 Cherry and Raspberry 30-Nov-2020 28-Jan-2019
ID A1901410 Mango and Pineapple 31-Jan-2021 23-Jan-2019
ID A1901414 Cherry and Raspberry 31-Jan-2021 01-May-2019
ID A1902417 Unflavored 28-Feb-2021 12-Feb-2019
ID A1904451 Unflavored 31-May-2021 06-May-2019
ID A1904452 Cherry and Raspberry 31-May-2021 06-May-2019
ID A1905470 Mango and Pineapple 31-May-2021 10-Sep-2019
ID A1908509 Cherry and Raspberry 31-Aug-2021 11-Sep-2019
ID A1908510 Unflavored 31-Aug-2021 07-Aug-2019
ID A1909528 Mango and Pineapple 30-Sep-2021 11-Sep-2019
ID A1909538 Cherry and Raspberry 31-Oct-2021 16-Oct-2019