Manufacturing Certification Overview

Reputable manufacturers of sports nutrition products can certify their site with Informed Sport in order to help companies easily identify them as having appropriate quality systems in place to ensure their high integrity of manufacturing processes specifically for sports nutrition manufacturing practices.

For contract manufacturers of sports supplements, the risk of contamination with low levels of substances prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is a serious issue LGC’s Informed Sport programme - an industry leader in quality assurance and testing of sports nutrition products for WADA-banned substances - enables contract manufacturers to optimise their quality control procedures to reduce the risk of contamination within their facility.

Through years of research and analysis of more than 50,000 supplements, LGC has identified that even stringent quality control / manufacturing practices may not be enough to stop cross-contamination with low levels of substances prohibited in sport. LGC’s expertise reduces the risk of cross-contamination occurring within the manufacturing process.

Informed Sport site certification is a unique certification that provides in-depth analysis into critical control processes. Through regular on-site inspections and manufacturing facility swabbing, Informed Sport site registration helps manufacturers identify and resolve areas of risk within the manufacturing process. Reputable manufacturers of sports nutrition products can certify their site with Informed Sport so that their customers - companies in the sports nutrition industry – can easily identify them as having quality systems in place to limit the risk of contamination with banned substances. This ensures the integrity of the manufacturing process specifically for sports nutrition manufacturing practices.

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Please note that site certification does NOT mean that finished products have been tested. The Informed Sport site certification does not involve any finished product testing, only that the site has committed to an ongoing audit and swab testing in order to minimise cross contamination of WADA prohibited substances.