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Nutravail is a leading contract manufacturer serving national retail chains and brands.  Nutravail’s products focus on delivering the growing menu of nutraceutical ingredients in great-tasting formats. 

The Company’s portfolio includes soft chews, spun matrix flakes and ingredient encapsulations, each produced with a patented process.  The Company’s flagship product line is the uncooked soft chew.  This versatile process allows Nutravail to incorporate many nutraceutical ingredients that cannot withstand the high temperatures of a traditional confectionery process.  


Our Technologies

Uncooked Soft Chews –a patented confectionery matrix that can be processed without introducing significant heat (less than 45ºC). This patented process gives Nutravail the unique ability to deliver high loads of functional ingredients in a great tasting, candy-like format.

Spun Matrix Flakes – an encapsulated powder produced without the use of solvents or water. Spun Matrix Flakes uniformly disperse the most difficult ingredients, enhancing functionality, while unlocking fresh, clean flavors.

Flash Shear Beads – a lipid encapsulation ideal for taste masking and timed release of active ingredients.