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Hearthside Food Solutions is taking snack and functional bar production to new heights.

Options are healthy. We’ll help you pick the right one.


Your bar is unique and unlike any other. Our goal is to help you discover fresh ideas and provide you with the bar you need. Looking for a breakthrough sports bar, a fine meal replacement bar or a healthy snack? Whatever it is, we will collaborate to create the best possible recipe that’s perfect for you. Together, we work with you as both designer and producer for a minimum of 30.000 bars. After all, we’re not in the business of making our bars, we’re in the business of making yours.


When you come to us with a vision for your private label bar, you can be sure that you will meet a team of specialists. Hearthside has a first rate R&D department taking care of Your Bar, from concept to ready to sell finished product (including advice on packaging and legislation). This department is one of the biggest departments within Hearthside and handles over 400 briefings every year, which, over the years, has resulted in over 600 unique recipes.

Our history of producing great bars, with quality ingredients from around the world, has earned us an international reputation as a trustworthy partner. On top of this, we deeply understand the process from start to finish. This means we can develop your bar from idea to delivery, because we know bars inside and out. What you come in asking for, is what we aim to give you. Let’s create a long lasting relationship and a perfect bar!