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Reflex Nutrition Ltd was started in 1997, with a very clear philosophy that still steers the company today in terms of product development.  James Phillips, the managing director has always been led by his desire to combine performance and health when it comes to formulations.  Being led this way means that the products are made with an array of high quality, effective and healthy ingredients.


Equally important to Reflex is the need to ensure that these ingredients are blended in the most effective manner and handled with the utmost of care.  As a result, Reflex run four manufacturing facilities at a purpose built and dedicated site just outside of Brighton.  These facilities operate to standards that exceed those required by food law and incorporate a research testing laboratory that facilitates the testing and publishing of test results of all protein batches produced.  The site also incorporates some of the latest green technology and is exclusively run using green renewable energy sources.


The range extends across five categories that include; high protein, muscle and strength, energy and endurance and vitality which covers off a multitude of health products.  Each category generally contains a mix of generic products and proprietary formulated products.  Even where generic products exist, they will come in a form which distinguishes them from the commonplace version and are very likely to be in higher dosages. 


Products are sold in just over 50 markets as far afield as Australia, Korea and South America as well as most of the more conventional markets in Europe, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.


Please note that site registration does NOT mean that finished products have been tested. The Informed-Sport site certification does not involve any finished product testing, only that the site has committed to an ongoing audit and swab testing in order to minimise cross contamination of WADA prohibited substances.